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Wander around the Spanish town, visit shops and meet people.

The main language-learning zone is a Spanish street. Here the learner can select any one of the 12 venues and choose to listen to any of the 20 video clips. The clips each relate to a person and a relevant language topic - you can book a table and order a meal in the restaurant.

The street


The video footage in the street is designed to provide exposure to and be demonstrative of the language it presents.

The video clips can be watched from start to finish or phrase-by-phrase. (The controls are in the hands of the learner.)

Read the conversation in Spanish, English or both, as it is playing. Each video clip has related games, which practise and reinforce the language that is being presented.

The video panel


Improve your pronunciation by comparing your recorded voice to native speaker models using the voice record and compare tools.

Each video scene has a related speech section in which you can practise pronunciation and language recognition.

There are phrase and word lists which provide you with a relevant section of vocabulary to learn. There are also 4 different games associated with the speech section, including word-picture association, role-play and information gap activities to help you actually learn the words and phrases in the lists.



The pronunciation practice panel